Tony Boloneys | Pizzeria | Atlantic City | Hoboken | “Estate Rape” | $$$ Amount Growing To Over $10,000.

Tony Boloneys Pizzeria, Atlantic City & Hoboken “Estate Rape” amount growing to between $10,000. and $20,000.00. Discovery continues.

Beneficiaries who lost money push for criminal investigation of Tony Boloneys Pizzeria and owners Gregory Hauke and Michael Hauke and Gregory’s friend and business Associate disgraced Attorney Anthony Colasanti, Esq. of West Caldwell, NJ.

Another check # 2475 for $850.00 was paid from the bogus Pennsylvania Bank Account named Piper Financial Solutions Inc.,   Scan0040  set up by convicted stock swindler Thomas Hauke, CPA,  who had his CPA license suspended in both New York and New Jersey, and brother to Gregory Hauke and also a removed co-executor in July , 2014 by the Honorable Patricia Del Bueno Cleary, of their parents estates.

This is in addition to “looted” monies in prior post.

Because of Thomas Hauke’s Stock Fraud history , the Honorable Patricia Del Bueno Cleary JSC , Monmouth County, NJ , Chancery Court, would not appoint Thomas Hauke, CPA a guardian of his mother’s financial interests and ruled to exclude him.    This was in 2013 , abut one year before Thomas, CPA was removed as co-executor and co-trustee of all affairs of his Mother Helen  Hauke in July , 2014 for not accounting for all money of the Estate.  As of this day he still has not accounted for the missing , unaccounted for money of about $600,000.00 and growing.

With the full knowledge of Anthony Colasanti, disgraced attorney friend of Gregory Hauke who pushed his way in to be the attorney for the Estate of Rudolph Hauke and Helen Hauke,  eliminating the Attorney of choice of Helen Hauke Mr. Stuart Cox of Red Bank , NJ, an extremely knowledgeable and experiences Estate Attorney.

Anthony Colasanti is a criminal defense and bankruptcy attorney.  Disgraced Attorney Anthony Colasanti, West Caldwell , NJ, with no Estate Attorney experience.

Note that Lighthouse Landing & Fast Ferry went Bankrupt.  Gregory Hauke and Anthony Colasanti , Esq. were business associates in this enterprise.

The additional diversion of $850.00 was for a brief in the Paul… vs Tony Boloney , Gregory Hauke, Michael Hauke litigation in Atlantic County Superior Court , and has absolutely nothing to do with the Estate of Rudolph Hauke or the Estate of Helen Hauke.

Note the check #2475 was written on August 28, 2014  about one month after Gregory Hauke and Thomas Hauke were removed as Co-Executors in July 2014.

Removed co-executors should not be writing checks after the Court took that ability away from them.  That money should have been turned over to the Court Appointed Administrator John Hoyle III immediately after the July , 2013 Court Order removing Thomas and Gregory Hauke as co-executors and co-trustees of the Estate of Helen Hauke. They also wrote checks to themselves for over $60,000.oo after they were removed , and legally not supposed to, in July, 2014.

Shame , shame on Attorney Anthony Colasanti and Gregory Hauke , Tony Boloney’s, Thomas Hauke, and Michael Hauke.

The investigation continues and there is a call for a criminal ivestigation of how all this money  has been diverted for the personal use and to pay business expenses of the removed co-executors Thomas Hauke, Gregory Hauke, and their co conspirators Michael Hauke and Tony Boloneys and Anthony Colasanti, Esq.



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