Welcome to the “Estate Rape” Website – NJ’s most notorious “estate rapes”

Welcome to the “estate rape” Website.

This website is named “estate rape” after a letter claiming “estate rape” was written by removed disgraced executor Gregory J Hauke  to fellow disgraced removed Executor Thomas Hauke , CPA by the Honorable Judge Patticia Del Bueno Cleary.  In January , 2016 after other family members agreed to give Gregory J Hauke, Thomas P Hauke (both disgraced and removed executors) money that they were left by their mother to stop the endless and expensive litigation by Gregory and Thomas in the estate, Gregory wrote the most bizzare letter to the Judge.  Rudolph B Hauke  died in October, 2011 and his wife Helen died in March , 2012 and the Estates are still not resolved because Gregory and Thomas Hauke have refused to co-operate and obey the numerous Court Orders to account for the missing $600,000.00.

To see the documented abuses that Helen Hauke suffered by Thomas and Greogry Hauke please link to www.elderabusewiki.com .

This site will document from Rudolph’s death in 2011 to 2017 ,and beyond if needed, the abuses of Gregory J Hauke and Thomas P Hauke as fiduciaries up until July , 2014 when they were removed by the Honorable Judge Patricia Del Bueno Cleary of the Superior Court of N.J., Monmouth County. The abuses got even worse after they were removed as they continued to improperly withdraw money from the Estate(s) .

In July, 2014 Thomas and Gregory Hauke were removed by the Honorable Judge Patricia Del Bueno Cleary for cause, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 3B:14-21 (a) when

a.) After due notice of an order or judgement of the court so directing, neglects or refuses, within the time fixed by the court, to file an inventory, render an account, or give security or additonal security;

It must be noted that as of this day Thomas and Gregory Hauke have refused to file an inventory, or render an account.  Causing the Estate an additional cost of $30,000.00 for forensic accounting fees and additional and unnecessary legal fees in the tens of thousands for a court appointed attorney , Mr. John Hoyle III to replace Thomas and Gregory Hauke. As well as fees for attorneys representing beneficiaries whose inheritance has been taken by Thomas and Gregory Hauke .

What has been learned from the forensic accounting  is  that there is more than six  hundred thousand dollars , $600,000.00, of estate funds that are not accounted for. It is now clear that Thomas and Gregory Hauke have also been paying their own personal bills from the estate  to the tune of $30,000.00 plus in violation of N.J.S.A. 3B:14-21 (c)

c.) Embezzles, wastes, or misapplies any part of the estate for which the fiduciary is responsible , or abuses the trust and confidence in the fiduciary;

You will see how Thomas Hauke  a licensed CPA  in New York set up an LLC in Pipersville, PA to funnel large amounts of cash,  $118,000.00 plus, accounting fees yet he did no accounting.

The legal players in this “estate rape” scenario are in chronological order are as follows:


Stuart Cox, Esq.    Hired by Helen Hauke to represent her interest as executress of Rudolph B Hauke’s estate. Later made deal with Anthony Colasanti to step aside and let Anthony Colasanti be the Estate attorney.  He was rewarded by being appointed attorney for the Estate of Rudolph B Hauke.  A totally unnecessary position.

Anthony Colasanti, a lawyer friend and business partner of Gregory H Hauke who pushed his way in to being the Estate lawyer for Helen Hauke against her wishes, regardless of the fact that he had no history of Estate experience.  `

JJ Uliano, ESq. Helen Hauke wanted to hire him when Gregory and Thomas Hauke were pushing Anthony Colasanti to represent Helen Hauke against her wishes.  Anthony Colasanti pushed him out and made him the lawyer for Helen Hauke individually.  A totally unnecessary position.  Later the court appointed JJ Uliano to represent Helen Hauke in the “incapacitation” attempt by Thomas and Gregory Hauke of their own mother.  To JJ Uliano’s credit he did challenge Thomas and Gregory Hauke’s attempt to have their own mother found to be”mentally incompetent.”  They failed in this attempt mostly because other family members and siblings of Helen Hauke challenged it to the very end.  Helen Hauke was never found to be “mentally incompetent.”

Joel Davies, Esq.  was hired by the beneficiary who has suffered because of Thomas and Gregory Hauke violating N.J.S.A.  3B:14-21. He has been working to get an accurate financial accounting from Thomas and Gregory Hauke.  Despite numerous motions to the court and Anthony Colasanti , now six years after Rudolph’s death it is possible that a final determination be made by the Honorable Patricial Del Bueno Cleary before the end of 2017.  Thomas and Gregory Hauke have not accounted for the missing/misappropriated Estate funds of $600,000.00 plus.

The Honorable Judge Patricia Del Bueno Cleary , Monmouth County Superior Court, Chancery , Presiding Judge.  This judge has presided over this case since 2011.  Her decisions will be discussed in this website.